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Image by punx186

It's been almost 2 weeks of me playing around with my new Wacom cintiq tablet, and I couldn't be happier.  I love being able to take this wherever I go and have the ability to start working on new projects or ideas.  To have all the creative software and tools that I've been use to right there when I need it is amazing.  So stoked.
pianof Featured By Owner Apr 14, 2014
Hey! It seems you are pretty happy with your choice. I was wondering if you could share some of the reasons why you like it or dislike it? 
punx186 Featured By Owner Apr 15, 2014  Professional Digital Artist

Pros for me:

One machine to start and work on my ideas and sketches anywhere.
It has enough power for me to take on heavy design projects.  Portability is my main plus.

I can run all the apps I need, (photoshop, illustrator, manga studio,  zbrush and maya )


Hardware placement.  The cameras are never used because of awkward placements of them.   The power button is also in an odd spot, and really easy to hit.
I was able to overcome that by changing the behavior of what that button does when pressed in windows.  Most of the cons don't disrupt my workflow though.

Overall I really like and put it to work, I feel that I draw more because of it.  I'm not limited to just drawing at home. I take this thing everywhere with me.

If you dont have a computer already I say the cintiq companion is worth it.  If you already own a decent pc rig, then get the companion hybrid.

Hope this helps!
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February 10, 2014